Global Remix Extravaganza


Our remix compilation showcases 16 of our past tracks remixed by some of favorite synthpop acts.

1. mixed emotions (nordika remix)
2. circus disco (an eloquent remix)
3. computadora (people theatre disco duro mix)
4. carte blanche (infinite beat remix)
5. my happiness (synthetik fm 12” remix)
6. go go yellow screen (vision talk’s old school electro synth mix)
7. images of heaven (oren amram remix)
8. like it or not (the mapista remix)
9. mixed emotions (sappy’s upside down remix)
10. circus disco (carved souls metaphor mix)
11. carousel of life (illusions of coincidence remix)
12. colourful rumour (nordika remix)
13. carte blanche (people theatre’s grande affaire mix)
14. mixed emotions (haberdashery remix)
15. computadora (chinese theatre remix)
16. carte blanche (spurious! retro mix)