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2013 Party Favours Remix Kits

We are very excited to just release our third studio album ‘Party Favours’. As we do with every album, we make select songs available for remixing for future release on a single or included on various synthpop compilations. We get requests for unreleased tracks or exclusives all of the time – so your remix will have a great chance of getting released somewhere in 2013. We are compiling a few remixes for a remix album soon.

Files are zipped. Just download and expand. All vocals from each song are isolated as stereo mp3
files (192 kbps stereo). Align all at beginning of your sequence and they should sync. One or two songs have a sound effect. Those are just free floating (no aligned to song/tempo). BPMs are listed on kit download area.

Have fun. We look forward to your rendition of our music. Send completed files (zipped or other online file site) to steven and randall as .aiff or .wav files 16 or 24 bit via email. Or if you prefer, you can put larger files on our FTP listed below. There is an Eloquent Remix folder there. Send an email to let us know you’ve uploaded something or we have a remix coming our way via or dropbox, etc. We’ll let you know when we get it and what release it will appear on.

Steven –

Randall –


REMIX KITS – click to download zip file, uncompress and you’re ready to make music

Images of Heaven Remix Kit 126 bpm

Like it or Not Remix Kit 125 bpm

Meet me in New York Remix Kit 133 bpm

Mixed Emotions Remix Kit 132 bpm

Tete A Tete Remix Kit 134 bpm

Think Twice Remix Kit 125 bpm

Go Go Yellow Screen Remix Kit 131.3 bpm