eloquent – “Carousel of Life” – CD

The long awaited full-length is here. Enjoy the Carousel of Life.


1. Carousel of Life
2. Carte Blanche
3. Colourful Rumour
4. Circus Disco
5. A Red Letter Day (Pet Shop Boys cover)
6. Russian Waltz
7. Counter Clockwise
8. Colourful Rumor
9. You Are A Part of Me
40. The Adventures of Klaus Nomi
11. Tokyo Tower
12. Safe and Sound
13. Rock Star
14. Fun Zone
15. My Happiness (2009 Mix)
16. Computadora
17. Savoirfaire






eloquent – “Carousel of Life” – Limited Edition E.P.

This cd is the teaser to the full-length “Carousel of Life” 2-CD from Elqouent. Only 50 were made for the A Different Drum Synthpop Festival in September. These are the only remaining copies left. Hand-numbered.

This is the first official release from the partnership between Steven Cochran (Royal Visionaries) and Randall Erkelens (Tristraum). It’s the best of everything you love about Eloquent but now with a singular vision created by the duo. Modern synthpop at its best. Happy, upbeat songs!


1. Carte Blanche
2. Colourful Rumor
3. You Are A Part of Me
4. Computdora
5. A Red Letter Day (Pet Shop Boys cover)
6. My Happiness (2006 Mix)






eloquent – “Future Pop”

The first official eloquent release made available March 2003. “Future Pop” is making it’s way to countries all around the world. Most of this release was recorded at 11th Records studios, with additional production and mastering by the very talented musical wiz Brian Hazard of “Color Theory”.

Track List :

1. prelude
2. moonlight over london
3. nobody’s diary
4. future pop
5. paris in our hearts
6. faux pas
7. happiness
8. angelic interlude
9. choir of angels
10. tora! tora! tora!
11. bloom
12. droid 7
13. space dancing






eloquent – “moonlight over london”

The first “eloquent” release was made available on MP3.com.
Featuring exclusive mixes of : nobody’s diary, paris in our hearts, choir of angels, bloom, acid rain and space dancing.

Track List :

1. division
2. moments away
3. happiness
4. moonlight over London
5. future pop (Digital Explosion mix)
6. nobody’s diary (single mix)
7. paris in our hearts (extended remix)
8. faux pas
9. choir of angels (remix)
10. tora! tora! tora!
11. bloom (original mix)
12. acid rain (acidic mix)
13. space dancing ‘91