compilation appearances







Carte Blanche (People Theatre Remix)


01 eloquent “carte blanche (people theatre’s grande affaire extended mix)” * 6:18 minutes.
02 lowe “a 1000 miles (extended version) * 6:27 minutes.
03 mars tv “frantic (extended version)” * 5:17 minutes.
04 matinee club “jane falls down (extended mix)” 6:23 minutes.
05 parralox “sharper than a knife (electropop version)” * 6:38 minutes.
06 seize “craving (press the mushroom mix)” 5:44 minutes.
07 the garland cult “all good things (pt’s extended capture mix)” * 6:24 minutes.
08 the mobile homes “close (extended 44 mix)” * 6:27 minutes.
09 jacques c “a moral life (extended emmon vocal mix)” * 6:25 minutes.
10 nun “tba”
11 thermostatic “tonight (tba mix)” *
12 universal poplab “don’t believe the hype (tba mix)” *


Always On Our Minds – A Tribute to the Pet Shop Boys
Red Letter Day
Out on Synthphony Records (USA)

1. Love Comes Quickly – Intution
2. Opportunities – Chinese Theatre
3. A Red Letter Day – Eloquent
4. Heart – Essex
5. Domino Dancing – New Concept
6. In The Night – Norhern Electric
7. Paninaro – Thermostatic
8. Rent – Sara Noxx
9. It’s A Sin – XP8
10. So Hard – Richter
11. West End Girl – !distain featuring Katrin P.
12. King’s Cross – Foretaste
13. What Have I Done to Deserve This? – Jonobot







Sector 1
Carte Blanche (People Theatre’s Grand Affair Mix)

Tracklisting includes 17 bands.







Hand Stitched Heart – Volume 4

Bonus Disc – five songs

Tracklisting includes 16 bands.

1. Eloquent – Carte Blanche (Infinite Beat Remix)








4×4 Multi-band single – Volume 1

five songs


1. Eloquent – Le Premier Pas – sample
2. Eloquent – Carte Blanche – sample & Live Video
3. Eloquent – My Happiness – sample
4. Eloquent – Paris in our Hearts (Extended Mix) – sample
5. Eloquent – Principio de fin – sample
6. Empire State Human – Easy Colour
7. Empire State Human – Sonic Prophet
8. Empire State Human – Chase the Ace
9. Empire State Human – Dollar in Blue Collar (2005 Single Mix)
10. The Thought Criminals – Date Rape Lovers
11. The Thought Criminals – Electricity
12. The Thought Criminals – Automann
13. Tristraum – First Embrace (Infinite Beat Remix)
14. Tristraum – I’m Under No One (Blind Faith & Envy Remix)
15. Tristraum – First Embrace (Empire State Human Remix)

MODEIFIED 6 – Get your kicks on
“tora! tora! tora!”


1. I Want You Now – Lakeside Church
2. Dream On (VG Mix) – Rafi Kharman
3. Blasphemous Rumours – A New January
4. Waiting For The Night (love|less Tranquility Mix) – love|less
5. Shake The Disease – Télégramme Couture
6. I Feel Loved (The Loved Machine Mix) – Mondo Drag
7. Freestate – Delobbo
8. Gooddamnation – Unique
9. To Have and To Hold – Terminal Bliss
10. One Caress (Clean Mix) – The Encomium Effect
11. Sister of Night (MODEified Mix) – Color Theory
12. My Secret Garden – Y-my-R
13. Tora! Tora! Tora! – eloquent
14. Pipeline (acoustic) – dMentia
15. It’s No Good – Decent Motives
16. Judas  (Johann Skink’s Mademoiselle Mix) – Endless Comes Later
17. Photographic – Envy The Machine
18. Painkiller (Moog Mix) – Uridium

Synthetik FM – E=MC2
“my happiness ”
(Featuring vocals by eloquent)


0001 My Happiness – featuring eloquent
0010 Technology – featuring NukleoN
0011 Questions – featuring Ganymede
0100 Flight – featuring davidmahr
0101 They Can’t See – featuring NURVIS
0110 One Line at a Time – featuring Astromill
0111 Those Moonlit Stairs – featuring Kiss the Star
1000 The Sands of Time – featuring Gary Flanagan
1001 Impossible – featuring Empire State Human
1010 Gestern’s Zunkunft – featuring Y-my-R
1011 Shame – featuring Tony Reed
1100 Wishes Aside – featuring PURVEYOR


state of synthpop 2003 – A Different Drum
eloquent – “moonlight over london”
(Featuring musical production by international recording artists Digital Explosion)

In late 2002, A Different Drum planned together with several other synthpop labels like Ninthwave Records, Nilaihah Records, Alfa Matrix, Cohaagen Music, and many more to put together a huge collection of synthpop that would present more than 80 different bands in one package. It was hoped that this collection would serve as a sort of snapshot of the modern synthpop scene, covering many styles, sounds, and moods. This huge library of music could be both a tool to new synthpop fans, allowing them to explore a lot of different artists with a single low-priced package, but could also be a release worth collecting even for the die-hard synthpop fan who knows these bands by heart. So forget the futile and time-consuming attempt to find and download tracks by so many emerging synthpop bands on the internet, and just pick up this 5-disc set, and the work will be done for you, all in high-quality sound and fun, informative packaging. A Different Drum hope you enjoy this “State of Synthpop” collection!

Nobody’s Diary: A Tribute to Yazoo – NinthWave Records
“Too Pieces” – Blind Before Dawn

Vocals by : Steven Cochran. Back-up vocals by Davi Lovatt. music programming and sound design by Davi Lovatt/Blind Before Dawn & James Perry/Control Theory. Original Words & Music by Vince Clarke ©(P) 1982 Sire Records Company / Courtesy of Sire Records Company







Evolution: The New Breed of Electronic Pop – Cohaagen Music
“Angel With Broken Wing (eloquent Mix)” – Blind Before Dawn

Vocals by : Steven Cochran. Lyrics/music programming and sound design
by Davi Lovatt/Blind Before Dawn





United Synthpop Artists: A Tribute To America – NinthWave Records
“United For A Day (eloquent Mix)” – Blind Before Dawn

Vocals/Lyrics by : Davi Lovatt and Steven Cochran. music programming and sound design by Davi Lovatt.